Monday, April 9, 2007


As always in Israel we had a great time. This time we managed to spot the best week of the year (I think) it was not too hot and not too cold, we saw I guess the last drops of rain before the autumn.. Israel is green and the sky is clear.
As always in Israel we are busy and going here and there to see our dear frineds and family. This time we fit all this in to 9 days! A walk in Jaffa, Picnic in a park with the family, Old city of Jerusalem, Passover with the relatives in Karkur with lots and lots and lots of FOOOD, visiting Kibbutz Nirim, Grandfather David in Ruhama, Friends in Kibbutz Magen, Udi och Hila in their new home, a get together with the uni. friends in Lirons new flat (with the biggest balcony/roof I have ever seen.. ), Cessaria and Akko, driving through the carmel mountains... thats all I can remember really! And not to forget Noam spent alot of quality time with "ha sabim" (Yarons parents).
And here are some photos.. Try to match yourself..;)

Home again..