Monday, May 21, 2007


Not much new is happening right now.. our life is full of "everyday-childrenfamily-rutines".. In between dishes, work and laundry we work a little on the house. I like so much to see the progress and to think about what to do next. My newest project is the hallway, where we took down a built-in wadrobe and where I just put up a wallpaper which I really like. It looks like this:

Noam is as usual active and happy, keeping us busy.. He loves to wear his raining boots, I guess because it is the only shoes he manage to put on himself. Here is some pictures of sweet Noam!

Friday, May 4, 2007


Ireland Ireland, what can I say... is there any place in the world that is as green and stunning as Ireland?? Is there any place in the world where people know how to have fun as in Ireland.. I doubt it!

Well I was convinced once again and Karin too when we visited Enda for a weekand in Galway.

Here are some pictures from the boattrip we did on saturday in the only fjord just north from Galway. Also some pictures from the area where Enda have his roots.