Tuesday, August 14, 2007

OOOps time flies.. summer is almost over.

So it seems like our blogg needed a summerholiday (Axel was kind to remind me today), but now... back to work..;)

This summer have been great, we had a great and hot start in June.. which unfortuantely didn't last very long... well well this is reality in scandinavia! We had our dear friends from Isreal here for a week, Gil. Liron and Yuval. Nava also visited us for a week and took care of Noam when dagis was closed, or was it Noam who took care of Nava...;) We spend some time on Kössö and went for a bicycletrip to denmark.. it was great! We are already planning the next trip, and the next time we know what to bring and not to bring.. like four extra tubes..;).

Now Noam is back to dagis, Yaron is back to uni. continuing with his master thesis and Sonja is back to work in AstraTech.. life goes on!

Here is some of the summerpictures!