Thursday, January 10, 2008


We escaped the cold winter (actually we have had a relatively warm winter so far) for three weeks and flew to the Israeli winter. The first week in Tel Aviv was great, sun and warm. We even went to the beach and played in the water. Well Noam and I while Yaron was reading Haaretz on the bench, what a lucky man... Haaretz (newspaper which apparently have more interesting news than the Swedish paper) and Twist (Israeli chocolate bar)... what else do you need??

But of course as always the best of going back to our second (or first!) country is to meet our family and friends. Noam spent a lot of time with Saba and Safta (his grandparents) and of course his cousins, Gilad and Roni.

We managed to make a holiday in the holiday and went down south through the desert to Eilat. A bit warmer and a holiday just the three of us for a change. We had a great time, except for that we had to visit the emergency when Noam fell in the shower and hurt his head. Well, with some magical glue (it’s amazing instead of stitching they glue the wound together!) he was okay within a few minutes... I think Yaron and I was suffering much more than Noam.

After the trip to Eilat we spend another week in TelAviv, seeing friends and family and also relaxing. Yaron and I had a Noam-free day, we went for a hike in some beautiful mountains along the beach north of TelAviv and had dinner in the harbour. It is good to realise that we still have fun together..;)

And now some Pictures...
Lunch in Herzeliya Beach.
Feeding pigeons in Herzeliya Beach.
One on the nicest playgrounds I have every seen, a labyrint in Kibbutz Magen.
Tractor in kibbutz Magen.
Driving through the desert to Eilat.
Eilat beach.
Eilat beach.
Flamingos and Jordan.
View of Egypt.
In the mountains close to Eilat.
On the border to Egypt.
Driving through Nachal Shlomo.. it rains here about once a year...
In the underwater observatory in Eilat.
Picnic in the desert on our way back from Eilat.
In the memorial garden for Tomer.
Noam with his Zebra.
Galit and Roni.
Yaron with brother Tsachi and sister Galit.
Noam and Gilad at the family reunion.