Thursday, August 28, 2008


How is it possible to show how the summer was in a few pictures? The camera was not used so frequent but we still have the memories... Memories from a few lovely days with my brother and his family, from Saba and Savtas visit in Sweden, our dear friend Lirons visit and a few camping trips, and not to forget many calm days spent at home in our little garden. Here is some of our good moments this summer.

Twice this summer we went camping, once by Vättern and once by Vänern. Noam was very fond of our new foldable home.. he slept like a koala and so did we.

Part of the fun with camping is to put the tent up..

Yaron searching for mushrooms in the forest.. with little luck..

Picnic in Gothenburg botanical garden.

This summer we really tried to have a garden with things to eat that we like, at the beginning of the summer it seemed like nothing grew, but with some new fresh soil it just wouldn't stop growing. We still get potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, wild straberries and rubarb..

Kan du hitta såpbubblan? Ata motse et buot hasabon?

I guess I have to update the blogg soon with a belly picture.. it looks like I have twins!..

Wednesday, August 6, 2008