Monday, February 16, 2009


After almost 6 weeks in Israel we are back home again to rutines, work, maternityleave, our lovely little house, kindergarten and winter. This saturday we went for a walk in Delsjön and took a walk on the lake. It was a great day with a few minus and clearblue sky, I can tell you we where not alone on the lake and also not in the only tiny tiny café they have in the area.

By the way we had a great time in Israel, we spent alot of time with Yarons family and enjoyed a bit of sun and good food. The most exciting about this trip is that Noam now speaks hebrew fluent, he switches between the two languages soo easily. We are sooo proud of him! (and for those who wonder how it was to be in Israel during the war, I can tell you we where in a safe area and only really noticed there was a war if we watched the news.. but still it is so so sad the whole situation, we hope there could be a finish for this voilence)

I will post some pictures from the Israeltrip soon (I just need to find the cable for my camera..still.. or hope that my computer-nerd-father might have a spare one for me)