Thursday, April 23, 2009


This is a normal monday in our life since Alma was born. Noam stays home from the kindergarten as kids have limited hours they can spend in childcare when the mother is on maternityleave. I have a hate-love relationship (not so much hate actually) to this concept. It is ofcourse more comfortable for me to leave Noam at his kindergarten, at the same time I really value these days we have together. It is time for us to habituate to our new situation (actually it doesn't feel so new anymore.. but anyhow). Noam have to learn that we are now 4 in the family and that it means less attention and more to share. Every week becomes a little easier..

Yaron wakes up with the kids and spend time with them before he is off to work.. which gives me a little time to sleep and collect energy for the day.

Alma and I are watching Noam play with his lego and train. This is his alltime favorite toys.. well except from collecting woodensticks and stones ofcourse!

New diper, changing clothes, brushing teeth and quickly brush my hair and if I am lucky get a glimpse of myself in the mirror (and sometimes a little makeup..)

Mondays highlight is when we go to the "open kindergarten" a few hours in the morning. It is a kind of kindergarten which is open for us mothers/fathers (and yes there are quite a few fathers there, GO FATHERS!) that stay home with kids. The kids can play and parents get some time to talk and play with the kids in another environment. I love this place! On monday mornings one of the teachers always bake bread with the kids, and if I don't loose weight I think I can blame this bread, it is sooo tasty!

We are the first to arrive and Noam get some quality time with Eva who works there.

We leave and Alma is about to fall asleep in her babycarriege.

Noam and I play a little in the playground just close to the "open kindergarten".

We go home as it is time for lunch.

LUNCH! Fishballs, past and corn, not so amazing, but tasty and quick to prepare.. Alma is still alseep in her carriege outside.

Alma wakes up and she eats some mashed vegetables.

Noam makes a foodshopping list and takes a photo of Alma when she eats.

After reading a book in the sofa , we go out to play in the sand. Noam makes a birthdaycake for Alma and she watches with great interest... yummi. She can sit by her self in the carriege and prefers that from laying down.

Some of the neighbours come out to play. It is great to see how all the kids in different ages play so well together. Alma fall asleeps in her carriege again.

Yaron comes home early on mondays around 16.30. How nice it is when he comes home! Noam rides his bike with the other kids on the street.

I try to say goodbye to Noam trough the fence but he is not so interested in me... ah well!

And I get my treat for the week, an evening in the ceramic studio. The studio is situated in this beautiful old buildning.

I love this place! It is the studio of Janne drejare and it is a complete mess, but messy in a good way which gives freedom for creativity (and less time for cleaning up!). Today we are adding colour to our creations and then it is time for a second run in the oven. In the front of the photo you can see some of the things I have made.

I go home aroung 20.30 and it is still light out!

Yaron and I tidy the house a little and relax in the sofa. Tea and cornflakes! And what do we watch.. oh yes! An episode of Rome our new addiction that sadly ends soon. Only two more episodes..