Friday, June 12, 2009

Yaron is Swedish!

.. atleats on the papers...

This we celebrated with lunch in the garden among good friends and the swedish garden game kubb.

Yaron got a book from Petra which states things that make you realise that you have become swedish..

You are swedish when
- always talk about the wheather
- think that buffé tables are some kind of competition.
- suggest to share the bill in your first date.
- often say "there are no bad wheathers only bad clothing"
- bring a lunchbox to work
- know all the lines from Kalle Ankas christmas
- get annoyed when people are more than 5 minutes late
- believes that if someone own a nice car he have either won money on games, inherited money or work illegally
- like to eat outside as soon as the snow melt
- weigh you suitcase before you go to the airport