Tuesday, October 6, 2009


We have settled in to our new life now, well kind of I have to say. We are still waiting for our stuff to arrive late, but we got good news today and the stuff will arrive in Haifa the 18th instead of the 28th.. we warmly welcome this news! (So Petra, hopefully you will have a bed to stay in when you come! Yeah!)

We have been saved by great family here. Yarons mother gave us things enough to manage, aunt Nira borrowed us a car, aunt Orna came by with lots of wonderful food and then showed me to the most important site here, the shopping area... Also not to forget, helped me in the supermarket to find food that I like, as it can be hard for me to read hebrew. And I have been promised a tour to the best hummos and falafel place which I look forward to.

Noam started his new kindergarten, he seems to be okey with it, and I am sure he will be. He is such a good boy and full with selfconfidence. From my side I have to tell that I prefer the swedish style with less kids and calmer atmosphere. But hey, you can´t get everything in life.

So from all of this I am soo tired, but I feel rather content anyhow. I have the most imporant around me, Yaron, Noam and Alma, what more could I need!?

--- more soon and hopefullt some pictures---

// Sonja