Sunday, December 6, 2009


There is Chrismastimes now in Sweden and I can´t believe it. Here on the other hand we have warm summerlike days sometimes rain but not alot... we need more though.

The only thing that reminds me of Christmas in this country is Noams Puzzel. Everyday he opens a new parcel with 4 pieces of puzzel. 24 Parcles until Christmas Eve.

I am trying to get life together here and I feel every day that passed by is easier than the last one.. I listen to good music when I am home with Alma during the days going down to the ceramis studio when she sleeps (and I am not busy with something else)..folding laundry and playing with her when she is awake...My friend Liron introduced me to a group of Pardes-Hanna mothers that I started seeing a little. I feel happy and looking forward to going home for real Christmas soon very soon.

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Anonymous said...

Vilken utmärkt idé att slå in pusselbitar ända fram till jul. Den idén är helt klart snodd till nästa år.. :-)

Vi tänker på er och tackar för julkortet! Många kramar från Norrköping