Thursday, November 25, 2010


Noam have been talking for a few days about baking chocolate-marga-bread.. And I have been quite good at talking him into doing something else.. Until I realised he wondn't give up until we bake this bread. He had planned this in detail.. So it was just to start.
Noam took out all the ingredients.. flour (ok that is good for bread) then yeast (wow great!).. margarine (ok, I guess it is not such a bad idea, actually he took butter but I didn't tell him), choco (hmm okey, this was new to me), salt (good choice) and water. And that was it. Well it is possible to bake bread from this. So we started. It was supposed to be equal amount of water as flour.. so I managed to talk him into that we should have less water (and I made him think it was his idea ofcourse). 1 dl of choco (similar to Swedish o'boy), half a cube of yeast, lots of butter, some salt.. mix alot. And Noam explained very carefully that this bread needs to my mixed more than usual bread..
Okey.. so how hot should the own be then?
- 2km! Noam said loud and proud.
- but Noam that is distance not temperature, said his very paitent mother.
- No it is not, I know how to make this bread, not you.
- Okey, so put the owen on 2km them.
The owen was put on 2 with the bread in the owen. NOTHING happens..
- Okey mom, maybe it should be 200 then.
-Maybe 100 will be okey.
- Okey okey mom lets put it between 100 and 200 then.



Axel said...

hur smakade brödet?

Sonja Kedem said...

Pappa, man kan säga att jag har smakat godare bröd innan. Men det gick att äta. Alma tog en tugga och vägrade ta en till...

Men Noam tyckte det var det godaste bröd han smakat och åt en hel massa! Super nöjd kille!