Friday, May 10, 2013


Our move is getting closer, something that always felt far far away is suddenly happening so soon. It comes with mixed feelings. I am soo happy about going back to my Sweden. To our family and friends and to all that we love about Sweden. Nature, atmosphere and the sence of tranquillity.

At the same time I feel that the time we spent here was so important for all of us, for the kids to be close to our family here, for me to get to know them deeper. For me to understand Yarons culture and all that it stands for as well as understanding the effort it is of living in a country where you always somehow feel a bit like an outsider.

I thought about what we will miss the most, and it is so obvoius that it is Yarons family. I cannot imagine how our years here would have been without them. The way I feel like I am a part of this family, how the kids have become close to the cousins and grandparent and Galit, Hagai and Tsachi.. I cannot expain how important it have been.

So all this as well as feeling happy, makes us feel sad. But this is life right, you cannot have it all but have to manage anyway and make the best of what there is.

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